I Scream, you scream, we all scream for U-Stream

Have you ever wanted to run your own television or radio station? Check out this super cool tool that I learned about recently that I think you will all love.

This is one of the most promising new tools on the Internet in my opinion. It allows any user with a webcam or stream, to broadcast through Ustream, and make it viewable to a worldwide audience in minutes.

The cooler part for us retail marketers is that this allows any business to set up it’s own channel, and play video 24/7 to advertise and inform consumers. This could be a great tool for retail marketing, and shopping mall marketing, because it allows you to broadcast news about your brand, or collection of stores, and reach a global audience in seconds.

Why not install a few webcams in your mall, and have a channel dedicated to your mall to create buzz, and give your mall instant global recognition; Or why not loop a video feed advertising of all the merchants in your mall and their specials.

Ok, so how much does this cool service cost you ask? Absolutely nothing! You can stream your personal channel to anyone, for free! I cannot believe more people and businesses have not jumped on this, but I truely believe that this service will become as, or more, popular than YouTube. Why you ask? Ustream allows you to not only stream live, but also record shows for later playback. Ustream reserves the right to reject businesses, but from what I have seen they are pretty open to allowing this content.

  • Connect with a global Audience.

  • Tell people about your amazing product or service in a new way that creates buzz.

  • Advertise yourself for free.

Check out Ustream. I hope you like it is much as I do.

Online video chat by Ustream

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