Share Your Fitting Room With The World


Coming soon: Share your fitting-room experience with friends, family, or anyone with Internet access.

If you’re thinking like we are, you might recall watching episodes of The Jetsons and other futuristic science fiction programs and balking at the almost surreal-like experiences related through them.  Well, possibly in the not-so-distant future, new technology will enable shoppers to send images from their fitting rooms anywhere in the world via the Web through a site called, which is not yet functional.  This new technology was announced at the National Retail Federation’s 2007 Convention & Expo in New York.

Here’s how it works.  Shoppers will try on clothing in their fitting rooms, then walk into a common area with an interactive three-way mirror located nearby.  This mirror, called the Magic Mirror will communicate with the shopper’s cell phone using infrared technology, and the shopper would then be able to establish a Shoptogether session and show off his or her potential new wares to anyone in the world.
[Full Story by Prange Way at Labelscar]

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