Squeeze Page vs. Landing Page

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Many who are marketing on the internet still confuse the roles of a squeeze page vs. the landing page. In some circles they are regarded as one in the same but the fact is they serve two completely different roles. Both are used to attract customers online but that is where the similarities end. Whereas one functions as a tool to build a list the other is used to pre-sell a product. In either case they both play an important role for online entrepreneurs, so let’s discussed their primary differences and applications now.

Landing Page

Landing pages also referred to as gateway pages are used extensively in the field of affiliate marketing. Their primary role is to pre-sell the site visitor on the product they will be shown on the next page.

Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages have one objective and that is it. The focus is to ‘merely’ collect customer contact information for future marketing efforts. The approach is direct and much more ‘focused’ as opposed to the landing page.

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