Prom Takes Shape: Yorkdale and Dotfusion Build Unique Experience To View Prom Dresses Online

Posted by March 26, 2009 in Shopping Center Marketing , Uncategorized

Dotfusion’s Creative and Development team with Yorkdale Shopping Centre marketing and fashion departments created a beautiful, easy to navigate, dress viewing interactive experience for teens called PROMOLOGY:

prom dress 2009

–    Users can select their shape that best matches their figure
–    Get fashion tips from Yorkdale fashion experts
–    View outfits online
–    Print shopping list, and
–    The module will map out the stores and show directions to each store featured in the selected outfit using the new industry leading Interactive Store Directory!
In just six days, the Promology Module experienced 954 hits with 12% of users actively engaging by downloading to print or viewing interactive map for store information.

The module was developed by Dotfusion Technology Inc., a full service online agency specializing in online strategy and execution for Retail Brands and Premier Shopping Centres in North America.

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