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Consumers Turning to Debit Rather than Credit

October 14, 2009 – There may be a few positives to come out of the current recession. Consumers are now turning to their debit cards rather than charging purchases to their credit cards. Good for consumers, not such a rosy picture for retailers. How… Read More

Are people still buying high-end items?

July 22, 2009 – With all the talk and reality of the current recession, have you ever wondered how high-end/luxury companies still manage to stay afloat? Why do people continue to buy expensive speciality expresso’s from Starbucks when they could save some money by… Read More

Decision Making in a Time of Confusion

May 28, 2009 – I came across this great article on BNET, How to Decide in a Time of Confusion. Everyone is feeling the pinch these days, but keeping your team focused and productive is key. The article breaks down many different steps you… Read More

Recession helps generic brands flourish

March 26, 2009 – You know all those no-name brands we all like to disregard? Well, during these tougher economic times customers are turning towards them as a good alternative to the more expensive name brands. Safeway, along with other retailers, have taken it… Read More

A New Marketing Playbook

January 22, 2009 – With the recession hitting just about every market, marketers are feeling the pressure to gain customers while saving money. I recently came across a very interesting article on BNET describing a possible new playbook for marketing in the current economic… Read More