Kmart’s Blogger Shopping Sprees and Contests

Posted by December 24, 2008 in Advertising , Branding , Social Media , Social Networking

Retail marketers are now ready to embrace social network marketing and here’s a great case by good ole Kmart and Sears to forge us ahead toward increasing our clients share of social voice
Kmart kick-started a social-networking campaign by giving six well-known bloggers $500 gift certificates to go on a shopping spree in a Kmart store – and then share their experience with their readers.
The bloggers could write anything at all, positive or negative, and all of them clearly disclosed the arrangement in their posts.
To boost “Kmart talk” online, the company ran a contest whereby web users could enter to win $500 gift certificates of their own. They could leave a comment on one of the bloggers’ Kmart posts with a holiday wish list of Kmart items, or use Twitter to leave the message provided on each blog’s posting area.
As of of Dec. 5, readers had left more than 2,000 related comments and there were 2,500 entries in the contest. Collective reach across the six blogs and Twitter was estimated at about 500,000 consumers.
Family brand Sears has decided to sponsor its own blogger shopping spree and certificate contest – to launch in mid-December.  So its working I’m talking about KMart online!
Key to Success:  Leveraging influential bloggers and incentives

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