“Small Retail Store” Doesn’t Have to Mean “Small Marketing Campaign”

Your store may be small, your niche obscure and your locations few (or singular), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a high-impact marketing campaign, without sacrificing your retirement fund, or laying off employees.

Steven Singer Jewelers in Philadelphia is a great example. Steven Singer’s focuses on prolonging a couple’s engagement process, by trying not to sell engagement rings. They want you to buy their other products (bracelets, necklaces, broaches) in leu of the ring, to keep their male patrons happy and coming back later for the bigger items. Steven Singer sells “more time” for guys who aren’t just ready to take the plunge into marriage, using the philosophy of scaled sales; “sell small now, to sell larger later” unlike other stores that sell engagement rings with urgency. Steven Singer knows that if you buy from his store now, you’ll be back later.

The Campaign: “I Hate Steven Singer dot com”

The Medium: Local billboards and radio ads

The Strategy:

1.  Use a permanent campaign

2.  Fuel natural human curiosity.

3.  Own your region.

4.  Focus on a different audience than your competitors.

5.  Have a personality to lead your efforts.

6.  Create a signature event.

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Marketing to your community in a way that draws long term interest, is a goal of every marketer / brand owner. To build a fool proof strategy to deepen your brand’s loyalty and longevity, contact a representative at Dotfusion today.

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