5 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience Using Social Media

The hunt for new social media tools and strategies, is endless. After loads of research with the hope that I could write a few short pieces on the best way to use each type of Social Media platform, I’ve found that the underlying message remains the same, no matter what type of platform you choose to use.

Each type of Social Media (ie. geo-location based or other) all have one thing that they do well and something that differentiates them from the other sites, but the bottom line is that there are 5 simple steps to maximizing whichever platform you use, to make it work best for your brand.

5 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience Using Social Media:

1. Meaningful Content is Key: There are 3 types of conversations you can have with a total stranger. One, is the conversation that leaves you knowing WAY too much about someone/something and leaves you sort of “winded” by the event. The other, leaves you bored and uncomfortable, making you totally disinterested in seeing that person again. The third conversation, leaves you wondering more about them and maybe even wanting to re-engage in that conversation (or one like it) in the future. Be the latter. Don’t vomit everything all at once, or recess into silence, rather, create meaningful content that adds value to your consumer’s experience.

2. An Immutable Rule of Branding; Stay Consistent: Branding your online identity is just as important as branding your packages for shipment, your store front, or your business cards. It’s your identity. Be consistent. Consumers want to be the one changing their “hair color” but if brands do, they’ll get lost right along with loyalty.

3. Use the Platform How it’s Intended for Use: Knowing what makes Facebook different than Twitter, YouTube, Gowalla or Foursquare is key. If you don’t know the difference and try to create a campaign around Social Media, you’ll end up with a mess on your hands and your consumers won’t be able to keep up. Learn the system, then operate it.

4. Maximize and Optimize: Every Social Network has a section where your brand can be talked about, linked from, or to, or Optimized through SEO. When people are trying to find you on a Search Engine, you want them to be able to and social sites are built to help you accomplish that. Don’t leave the “about us” section begging for content.

5. Partner Up with Someone Who Understands You, Your Brand and Your Goals: At Dotfusion, we are always seeking to expand our awareness and depth of practice in Social Media. Partnering with someone to help you build strategy and monitor success, can help your prove ROI to your campaigns along with helping to grow your business online. To build your partnership, contact a Dotfusion representative.

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