Summertime Campaign Planning

Summertime typically means that the “kids” are out and about and ready to unwind. They have more time to spend on the computer, more time to sit in front of the TV, more time to hang out with friends and, of course, more time to go to the mall or just hang out with their friends. Regardless of what they spend their time doing, the summer-vacation youth are filled with time to be influenced and to influence their friends.

Many that have seen this as a golden opportunity for engaging their core market base with the power-tools of social media. Dunkin’ Donuts, Mountain Dew and Papa John’s are all in the business of “recruiting” their Facebook fans to create their next flavor sensations, while Starbucks Coffee and Domino’s Pizza are rewarding their Foursquare “Mayors” with free stuff for checking in when at their locations. Wendy’s is using a trifecta of Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare to capitalize on summer with a favorite summertime treat; the Frosty.

On Monday, Wendy’s launched Frosty Summer Vacation, the first of three Frosty-themed initiatives. Frosty is going on vacation and will use its Facebook Page — which already has close to 600,000 fans — to leave hints about its whereabouts. It’s essentially a digital scavenger hunt that runs through June 6. (

Wendy’s is also using “Treat it Forward” as a pay it forward endevor to help the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Participating users will use the hashtag #TreatItForward on Twitter to help them win prizes, donate money to the foundation and further their success in the Frosty Summer Vacation campaign. Foursquare location sharing is another way for users to engage this competition.

You can read more about this crazy and fun way to engage customers while celebrating summer, helping charity and satisfying hunger here.

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