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41% of shoppers less likely to shop stores after bad online experience

January 31, 2007 – An increasing number of online consumers say that a bad online shopping experience at a multi-channel merchant makes it less likely that they’ll shop the same retailer’s stores. Get the survey details. [Full story at]  Link to this post!

2006 Predictions Reviewed

December 22, 2006 – Let’s look back at some of the predictions others made for 2006 to see how they panned out … [Full story at] Link to this post!

Pickering Town Centre – Youth Fashion Challenge

August 18, 2006 – Dotfusion client, Pickering Town Centre is promoting a Youth Fashion Expert Challenge on their Website. The Challenge, with a $500 shopping spree prize, works like this: Link to this post!

Best Online Retail Site

August 17, 2006 – Twenty major retail websites were analyzed and measured on over 70 attributes in two dimensions: functional or “must-have” capabilities and emerging or “sophisticated” capabilities. The winners may surprise you. [And the winner is…] Link to this post!

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