Victoria Secret – Facebook

screen shot from Victoria Secret Facebook Page
Posted by August 23, 2011 in Fashion , Mobile , Mobile Marketing , Retail Marketing , Social Media

Looking for some inspiration for your business Facebook page? or just want to see a cool set up? Check out Victoria Secret’s page.

They have everything from contests, campaigns and apps, to wall papers, gift cards, and the link to shop their collection.

We love the way they’ve set up the gift cards! You can send them to your friends through Facebook itself, and even invite others to go in on a group gift, then they can be redeemed online or in stores. Not having to leave their page is so convenient, they have links to everything including their Twitter account, YouTube videos, e-newsletter sign-up, and iPad and mobile phone apps. Keeping customers interested and intrigued is important and VS is doing a great job!

They post often and keep their fans up to date on any deals and contests that are available. With all the promos they have going on it’s more than worth it for customers to be a part of their FB community. Great use of social media!

screen shot from Victoria Secret Facebook Page


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