Locale-A Boutique Style Footwear Store

Posted by June 28, 2011 in Fashion , Retail Marketing

Check out Locale, a boutique-style concept footwear store. Pompei A.D. was engaged by the Aldo Group to create all aspects of a new brand for the collection. Their work with Aldo to create “Locale” included store design, naming, logo, brand aesthetic, packaging, website, and signage.

In addition to selling shoes from leading brands, Locale celebrates art, fashion and community by making their customers feel part of the bigger picture. A “community wall” (chalk board) and fashion magazine library allow visitors the opportunity to contribute and relax. Their lounge where you can try on shoes doesn’t hurt either! Large windows that open into the mall remove barriers from inside to out and invite passers-by to come in.

Locale will also feature local artists with small exhibits inside the store, thanks to partnerships with galleries.

To find a store near you click here.


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