“The Booty Reader” by Old Navy

Have you ever longed for the future of shopping for jeans to be determined for you, or are you the kind of shopper who likes trying on endless styles of denim before you settle on one that fits your shape? Every body is different and every shape unique, and speaking for myself, I find the process as taxing as, well… paying taxes.

Enter Old Navy and their newest effort to get people looking at their denim collection online and carrying that interest into their stores.

“The Booty Reader” is Old Navy’s newest attempt to wow their audiences, not by reading fortunes, but by reading “booties”. The magical fortune teller allows you to select your style preference – in the shape of Taro cards – then upload a photo of your actual backside, or select from a few images that best represent your body shape. The magical card reader then tells you which denim would look best on your body and presents you with pictures of the your body style in the jeans.

I can say this much, I haven’t shopped at Old Navy in a long time, but I’m going to have to run out and try on my recommended jeans this weekend.

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