Twitter; A Window into the Soul of a Brand

It’s been said that Twitter, or “micro blogging”, can change the way the world does business, and it has. But, how does the way your brand uses Twitter give your audience a window into the heart of the company? Consumers are getting smart and aren’t just looking for broad-based, brand-awareness tactics anymore. They’re looking for solutions based on means they like to utilize and whether the solution resolves a customer service issues, saves them money, or gives them something for free, consumers are aware that brans want their loyalty and are becoming increasingly picky on who they give that loyalty to.

Here are some examples of companies that have strategized effectively with their use of Twitter:

Sony: $1.5 Million in Twitter Sales: Sony recently offered 1,600 Twitter followers a chance to custom-build their own Sony Vaio laptop and get 10% knocked off from the final sale price. According to Big Money, Sony posted Twitter Vaio sales of more than $1.5 million during the limited-offer period. To Sony, the dialogue, is just as important as the sale. That is why Sony has no plans to bombard its Twitter followers with generic offers but instead will roll out specialized products “unique enough that will get the community buzzing.”

Dunkin Donuts: Win Free Coffee for a Year: Dunkin Donuts started to track dollars from Twitter by tallying the number of people who click through from a “Win Free Coffee For a Year Offer” on Twitter. Also users who enroll in the “DD perks” program are entered into a company database.

The company has now been able to reach a quantitative value for it’s database members.

Sears: Tweeting for Job Applicants: Sears is planning to use the site to post 7,000 job openings at Sears and K-Mart. (viathe Los Angeles Times). The job tweets will be posted by, which allows clients to track the number of clicks on the jobs.

Time Warner Cable: Customer Service Tweets: Generating brand awareness and following their customers’ conversations, has morphed into customer service outreach for many companies. Time Warner Cable just announced a new Online Customer Care Team @TWCablePhil that will use e-mail, Twitter, and other forms of social media to get customers help. Since its initial soft-launch on February 19th, the team has engaged over 1,500 customers via Twitter.

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