Interactive Shopping Center Directory Applications

Every shopping center in the world has several in-store directories. They are broken down so visitors can find the place they are looking for and can get a sense of where they currently are in relationship to the center. But the hardest thing about in-store directories, is knowing where to find them (in the store). You would probably have to find your way to the escalator area, then look around and find a directory, just to find out that you parked on the wrong side of the mall from the store you wanted to go to. You only have 20 minutes to buy a gift before work and the dinner you’re already running late to. Frustration sets in as a screaming toddler runs into you and makes you spill your coffee. The toddler’s mom gets mad at your irresponsibility for spilling coffee on her child’s head. You just spent 15 minutes wasting time and not getting to the store you wanted, so you settle for a meaningless gift card and run out of the mall in a hurry.
Could all that be avoided if that shopping-center’s directory lived in your pocket? Most centers have a directory online, but what if you don’t have time to check before leaving your computer?
Mobile technology has allowed us to create applications for mobile phones with interactive directory’s for shopping centers. Technically, your shoppers could find out where to park, how to find their desired stores, make a list of targeted locations, find restrooms and much more, with simplicity. Interactive directory’s can also share merchant news, specials, deals, promotions and events with people who may otherwise stay at home.¬†Shopping centers utilizing interactive applications that includes ads, promote events and and feature specific retail stores could significantly increase local foot traffic with minimal effort to their visitors.
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