The Perfect Wedding Location… A Retail Store?

Everyone knows that Apple Stores are among the most frequently visit stores in malls and shopping centers world-wide, but who would have seen this coming? The following video will become legendary in retail spaces across the globe, if for no other reason, because it is the first of it’s kind.

Josh and Ting Li tied the knot on Valentine’s Day at New York’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store, in the middle of the open retail store. The couple met for the first time at the Apple Store, and because neither are affiliated with any organized religion, they chose to hold their ceremony at their favorite store and meeting place.

Whether they’ve taken their love for all-things-Apple a little too far, or not, one thing is sure; other consumer goods product-stores will be wondering how to achieve the same brand loyalty needed to get any bride to consent to an idea like this in the future. Now, maybe store owners and managers don’t really want the fuss of a wedding in their retail stores, but it’s the genuine dedication to this brand that is truly amazing.

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