The Mobile Marketing Revolution.

It’s here.

Apple has finally (and formally) announced that the iPad will be coming out in late spring, 2010. In additions to competing with electronic books (like’s Kindle, Barne’s & Noble’s Nook, Sony’s Reader Digital Book, etc) as a reading device, purchasers will also be able to browse Safari, check their email, watch YouTube videos, watch movies, listen to music, buy music/movies on iTunes, use the iCal calendar, manage their contacts… You get the idea. Buyers will be able to perform all novice computer functions in conjunction with purchasing apps from the App Store, just like the iPhone, which according to Business Week, in itself is a billion-dollar industry, with over 140,000 applications for both productivity and mobile entertainment.

The theory is that the iPad will help to revolutionize the ways of mobile marketing, by creating an even trendier and easier way for consumers to stay engaged by their favorite retailers, movie theaters, video game developers, software developers, athletic teams, cable channels, and much, much more. Development is also underway between university text book publishers and Apple in the development of electronic textbooks. Hands down, the only thing the iPad can’t do, is the laundry and dishes.

Wary companies began to flock to iPhone’s app developers when they sew small, no-name companies emerge into thriving and robust money-machines. With the release of the iPad, companies like Omni, are assigning their iPhone app development resources to stay on the front lines of iPad app development. While they will continue to profit from iPhone app sales, the revolution that is the iPad has every potential to quadruple the iPhone’s app revenue in a very short time.

The big question is; How can you and your company benefit from the rise in popular technology and be included on the front line of the revolution? There’s something for everyone in the app world and if the future of mobile marketing started with the iPhone, and has graduated towards the iPad, it’s safe to assume that the trend isn’t losing power, it’s gaining. Where will you be?

Be a part of the revolution. Contact Dotfusion and put your business on the front line of technology, today.

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