The eReader War

Starting Wednesday, February 10, the Nook (by Barne’s & Noble) will be on the shelves of Barne’s & Noble’s retail locations. Until now, the Nook has only been available for purchase online, however to compete with the release of Apple’s iPad (scheduled for March/April 2010), they’re shipping the Nook to their retail stores. It’s said that the retail component of the Nook could lead to market-share gain from’s Kindle, prior to the release of the iPad.

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  1. This is definitely an emerging market where a lot of players are anxious to get out in front. Amazon has a great lead however the Nook does have some key features which will attract a slightly different consumer. Barnes & Noble is smart here; using their store fronts to get these devices into peoples hands. That could be the push an avid reader needs to go digital. As for Apple entering the market there is one key thing e-books have the iPad does not; no eyestrain. The iPad doe shave a book store yes but that will not be a main selling factor. Try reading a book on your home computer and tell me your eye don’t hurt. The iPad’s potential primarily lies elsewhere. There is my quick analysis but this is a new market that everyone is trying to scramble their way into. We will see who comes out on top.

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