Brand Invasion – Louis Vuitton Everywhere


Louis Vuitton fashion, accessories and luggage wasn’t enough. If even the Louis Vuitton tattooed pigs and LV scooters didn’t satisfy your branding fix, then the following items might.

A loyal fashionista would want a Louis Vuitton laptop, right? How about an entire car coated in the famous LV logos? A monster-sized LV suitcase, perhaps?

But the really committed Louis Vuitton snob would throw all of her existing non-LV brands out in the brown garbage bags coated in gold LV logos, wouldn’t she? She could get her pet elephant to carry it out on its LV animal saddle, like the one seen with Keira Knightley.

[Story Found at Trend Hunter]


  1. cool website…..its awesome.
    im a big louis vuitton person.
    i like the car.

  2. Posted by angelina mason March 6, 2008 at 6:57 am

    ok i just wanted to write and say that if you are going to put Louis Vuitton on your car make sure it a car that is worth it not some pimped out pinto…. and if you do decided to pimp out your pinto with the Vuitton then make sure you dont have rusty instock rims… something with a little more shine would have been nice

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