Foursquare’s 1,000,000 Daily Check-Ins, Reached 100,000,000

This week, Foursquare hit a new milestone. Known for creating ernest in communities to “check-in” at people’s favorite spots, only to be rewarded (whether clout as Mayor, or physical discounts on products), Foursquare has cornered the geolocation-social media market, and with big reward for them. Foursquare hit it’s 100,000,000 (yes, that’s 9 “0’s”) this week as the company’s 1,000,000 daily users continue to check-in, all over the globe. “Location-specific data is poised to become a really big space for advertisers and, by extension, search engines. Foursquare Co-founder Dennis Crowley said that the company is in talks with the major search players and that the data his service generates could be of big interest to the next evolution of search.” For more on this article, click here, but for more information on Geo-Location marketing strategies, contactDotfusion.

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