Listening on the Web

Like any conversation, a large part of talking is… listening.

This is also important when thinking through your Social Media strategy. “Who’s saying what” about your brand is equally important to sharing deals, events and random things you may think are relevant to your audience.

Measurable feedback has been a concept since the development of the telephone. Remember when everyone actually used land-lines? Remember that little delay of sound that would let you know that you were being heard by the person on the other line? That delay was intentional feedback, called “sidetone” and it was there to let us know we were being heard. Now, we have cell phones without feedback, and people yell relentlessly (in public places, no less), just because they don’t know they’re being heard. Similarly, when you don’t know you’re being heard online, you may “shout” useless and needless information that no one actually cares about.

Learn how to be heard and how to know that you’re being heard, through the power of online feedback. Listen to your customers, and see how what you say affects them.

Dotfusion can help shape your strategy in the online space. We can help you hear what everyone else is hearing, so you know what your relevance is in your marketplace.

For more information on this concept, click here.

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