Event Promotions via the Social Platform

You run the marketing department for a shopping center and are thinking about booking someone like Justin Beiber to perform 3 songs, and sign autographs for 30 minutes in your plaza, because your niece loves him and asked if she could meet him.

The dilemma? How are you going to tell the world that Justin Beiber will be at YOUR shopping center, and how will the impact of his being there, affect your sales positively? We all know that increased foot traffic to a shopping center, directly impacts in-store sales, but how do you get the word out and who is Justin Beiber, anyway?

Here are 5 ways to promote your event, using basic social media tools, using the 16 year old, Canadian heart-throb, Justin Beiber, as my example.

1. Blog about it
Blogs are set up to be found and are a great source of promotion for any event. Blogs allow you to become the expert on a topic, improve media relations and rank highly in search engines.

2. Post Photos to a photo share site
People (especially Justin Beiber fans) like to see themselves in the same “lights” they see their favorite celebrity in. Creating a group that invites participant to upload their own photos from your event, allows everyone to see themselves alongside their favorite celebs.

3. Create a Facebook Event and invite all your fans
Creating a Facebook Event, lets you tell your existing fans about the details of an event, while also allowing them to interact with the event itself. People can RSVP, giving you a brief foreshadowing of how many people will be flocking through your doors.

4. Tweet about it, using Hashtags!
Here’s the reason for using Justin Beiber as the example; Using a hashtag in your tweets creates a “trending topic” based on the tag you choose. The tag “#JustinBieber” has been in the Top 10 trending topic for several weeks, meaning that anyone searching #JustinBieber would be able to see your event, along with a slew of dreamy comments from his fans.

To get the most out of online promotion, you should start long before the event, strategizing about what you will do prior to the event, during, and after. Ask employees and attendees to assist you by posting their own take on the event through their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr accounts. Make it as easy as possible for anyone to share their content and photos of your event online.

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