“I Quit!”


Tired of hearing this?  As a typical player in the retail sector, it will continue to happen over and over until you’ve lost up to half of your workforce this year.   Then you’ll go through the same grief next year … and the year after that … and the year after that.

Ever think about why retail turnover rates are so lousy?  Do you have any idea why such a huge percentage of your store staff so often makes the decision to leave?  If you’re really interested in solving this puzzle and liberating yourself from this ‘revolving door deathtrap’, listen up.

The simple fact is that “Employees don’t quit companies, they quit their bosses.”  Many of us have often heard this saying, but perhaps have questioned its veracity.  Well, we’re here to testify that after 20 years of working with literally thousands of retail staff, the mystery is over.  This is the complete and unvarnished truth!  And with typical turnover rates often exceeding 50%, it’s about time someone started to pay attention to it!

What’s the problem with bosses?  The litany of complaints about managers (from store level right up to the CEO) includes:
Broken promises, usually made during the hiring process.
Lack of leadership (integrity, vision, inspiration).
Lack of feedback and recognition.
Unfair scheduling (and not just at the store level).
No effort to train or develop new skills.
No respect (people are treated like just another ‘cog in the wheel’).
Don’t even try to make the job challenging or fun.

Does this hurt a little?  Good!  Because now it’s time to ‘suck it up’ and get this crisis under control!  You need to challenge yourself every day.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself a simple question … “Would you work for you?”
Then do what’s right and watch your employee retention soar!

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