What’s Next: Sebastian Professional Products


Known for “blowing the lid off creativity,” Sebastian Professional Products is doing it again with a new site we recently launched. While the brand started small in the 1970s, today Sebastian is a global brand shaping hair fashion.

Using original, engaging content (stunning behind-the-scenes-of-the-shoot photography and video), we created an experience designed to inspire and inform aspiring stylists and beauty junkies about what styles are coming next. (Bryan, that’s you…time to rethink Aveda!)

The experience goes beyond the products, to looks and how to get them, to up-and-comers like cult blogger Cory Kennedy (and how to connect with Cory), to hair professionals setting tomorrow’s styles, and countless videos and photos that let consumers inside the Sebastian photo shoot.

With all this inspiration, so much pressure to have a great “do” in our office. ; ) Check out Sebastian Professional and see What’s Next for you.

[Story Found at Mooney Thinks]

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