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Geo-Fences + Mobile Phones = Powerful Real Estate Marketing

March 8, 2010 – Chris Thorman writes for Software Advice which specializes in helping organizations find the right software for their individual needs. He has shared his article “Searching for Real Estate Made Easy: Geo-Fences Plus Mobile Phones” with Dotfusion. It’s Saturday morning. Joel… Read More

Meet Stranded Travelers Via Twitter

December 2, 2009 – There is nothing more excruciating than having to wait at an airport lounge for hours on end while weather conditions better and you can finally depart. If that situation ever rises its ugly head again, this new Twitter-based service might… Read More

Find best place to work remote…There’s an app for that.

September 16, 2009 – It’s rather difficult to find a quiet and the most favorite place to work in a public place, which is almost perpetually noisy. WorkSnug, which is an Augmented Reality application for the iPhone 3GS will find your favorite work place… Read More

Warm cookies on the radar

August 5, 2009 – Like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn, Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery in San Francisco is luring cookie fans through its doors with The Warm Cookie Radar, telling customers where the nearest dose of fresh cookies are hiding… The radar uses Google… Read More

A ‘Google Analytics’ for mobile apps

July 29, 2009 – From all the startups I’ve seen, Distimo is probably the one that will most likely succeed. They provide developers with free tools for analyzing their mobile applications’ performance across application stores. All major app stores are supported, allowing developers to… Read More

Top Five Types of Twitter Messages to Grow Your Business

July 16, 2009 – We all know that social media is changing the way we do business.  Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media sites, and with good reason.  Not only is it easy – but it can help grow your business.  Here… Read More

Yorkdale Mall & Dotfusion Lead In Online Interactive Store Directory Innovation

February 27, 2009 – Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto launched its new interactive store directory on February 19th allowing visitors to map out their mall visit, showing the directions, where to park and best entrance, included. Think — refined version of mapquest for shopping… Read More

Keep tabs on your friends’ whereabouts

February 5, 2009 – Ever wondered where your friends work at this exact moment? No longer wonder! Google has “solved” the problem once again. Just get them to sign up for Google Latitude. Google’s quest to know everything moves forward with this new advancement.… Read More

Entertainment mapping tool uses compass & GPS

January 22, 2009 – nru (near you) is the latest innovation from’s labs team. Using technology provided by T-Mobile’s G1 running Google’s Android software, can now show you things to do near you, from bars and restaurants to cinemas and cafes. It… Read More

I Feel Toronto

December 4, 2008 – Don’t know where to go, but you know how you feel? If you’re feeling naughty, hungover, energetic, romantic, sophisticated, chilled, girly, manly or even broke then just got to and start your search. New website has just launched… Read More

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