Aldo Shoes for life!

Posted by September 14, 2011 in Email Marketing , Fashion , Retail Marketing , Websites

Aldo has come up with a very cool, and interactive contest where the winner can win shoes for life! Which comes in the form of 50 gift certificates, all adding up to $5000.

All contestants must play the interactive shoe games they have on their website in order to enter. There are three different pick-a-shoe activities that the site takes you through before you submit your name and e-mail, and at the end the contest also prompts you to subscribe to their e-newsletter, which is a smart way to grow your list of potential customers.

Interactive marketing is a great way to get customers to relate to your brand and become involved. This contest grabs your attention and is a fun way of getting the chance to win lots of shoes! What more could a shoe lover ask for?

screenshot from Aldo website

If you want to check out this interactive contest click here!


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