“Coffee and a Bagel, with a Side of Twitter, Please.”

It’s true that each person has a “morning routine” of sorts, and that routine is as unique as the individual, but lately, certain technologies have made their way into many of those routines.

Personally, my own routine starts by hitting snooze on my iPhone, 3 or 4 times each day. Then, once my eyes can focus, I open Twitter and Facebook to read what happened overnight with all of my friends, while getting a jump “who’s doing what” in the business/world news realm. I immediately jump to my emails and clear out all the ones I don’t plan to read, briefly review my work emails, catch up on my Words-with-Friends moves, and then I get out of bed, get to work and turn on my computer.

A new study conducted by Exact Target and COTweet, says “if start your day with a visit to Facebook, you might welcome “extracurricular” content from brands, such as interaction and entertainment that isn’t directly related to a purchase or business transaction.” This means that I’m a perfect target for effective marketing.

The Study observed the morning behavior of the online user and found some of the following:

  • More than 50% of U.S. online consumers check their e-mail before visiting other websites when they start the day.
  • Facebook is the first destination for 11% of U.S. online consumers.
  • Of daily Facebook users, 69% “Like” at least one company or brand.
  • 68% of daily Twitter users follow at least one brand on the service.
  • 43% of all American Internet users are either fans or followers of at least one brand on Twitter or Facebook.
You can download the report online to see the full list of behaviors of your brand’s online participant, here.

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