Less is More, Put Your Subscriber Lists on a Diet

In marketing it has been always said to play the law of averages. The more you put out the more you will get back. This holds true for most things but for email campaigning running lean and mean with no fat is the way to go.

Healthy subscriber lists lead to healthy responses and conversions on many levels. Too much time can be spent going through analytics looking at soft bounces and hard bounces and undeliverable mail.

Lets call this wasted time and resources “FAT”.

By trimming the fat we efficiently send campaigns that we know are effective and save time, resources and money in the end. Keeping your lists healthy maximizes your campaign effectiveness and when executed the results are evident and measureable.

We are all trying to maximize our marketing spending dollar. Sending less email and spending less time dealing with issues that surround it will lead to better efficiency.

Not every company is the same and the ability to get fit for 2009 is relative to your needs and your marketing goals. If you’re curious on how your company can do it, contact Jason at Dotfusion at 1.800.710.8476 x.40.

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