Going Mobile

More and more retailers are seeing the importance behind marketing through mobile channels.  Currently about 30% of people access email campaigns via their mobile device before opening the email anywhere else.  These are the people who are grabbing their email on the way home from work usually, or are out shopping already and staying on top of their email/messages.

Some retailers are starting to “wise up” to this, and capitalizing on this new found mobile landscape.  While mobile marketing may not be the main event right now, building a mobile list for future use will prove to be invaluable, for those retailers who have the foresight to do this.

One example of great mobile retail marketing is mobile coupons.  Instead of sending your customer an email marketing campaign which requires them to go home and print a coupon, send them a mobile coupon which they can scan at the cash.  Businesses will see higher sales conversion rates if they can lure shoppers in with a coupon before they get home and forget about the email.

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