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Paperless mobile ticketing, no scanners required

July 28, 2010 – It is the most revolutionary way of Social Ticketing… all you have to do is register your Event in, they will provide you the URL to distribute it through twitter, facebook, my space, etc. You can sell or buy… Read More

Solar plane completes 24-hour flight

July 8, 2010 – A Swiss-led experimental solar-powered plane has just completed it’s first 24-hour flight. This is a giant leap forward in “green technology” but we are still a ways out from seeing it replacing conventional jet propulsion. The team says it has now… Read More

Shopify Mobile: Run Your Business on the Go

May 14, 2010 – Shopify just released a mobile App built for busy business owners on the go. It allows you to track inventory, orders, fulfillment and customer support, from either your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Check your sales statistics, view products, orders, and… Read More

This might be the end of electric power cords…

July 29, 2009 – Massachusetts company, WiTricity, says it will have just such a system on the US market in about 18 months. The company showed how a transmitting unit, which could be placed in a wall, could power a television set several feet… Read More

This Ad Cost Nothing

July 23, 2009 – An ad campaign was conceived for the Salvation Army in Maine which included co-opting more than 50 local businesses to help promote the message “This Ad Cost Nothing” to infer that more money is available for the real issues dealt… Read More

Parking lots transformed into large-scale brand environments

July 2, 2009 – CARSPAZE USA, Inc. is rolling out an innovative, eco friendly, advertising medium that transforms parking lots into large scale, drive-in brand environments. JetBlue is pioneering this new concept creating installations in Northern Virginia and Los Angeles, California, using in flight… Read More

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s a Flogo!

April 23, 2009 – Trying to come up with new and eye catching way to advertise? How about using soap foam mixed with lighter-than-air gasses such as helium? Flogos – The result of such a mix – are flying foam logos that float through… Read More

Green Your Computer Usage

April 9, 2009 – Here’s a great article for those interested in lowering the carbon footprint while using their computer. It includes tips on things like using built-in power management tools and replacing your old power hungry CRT monitor with a LCD. Link to… Read More

Welcome to the next generation of workplace.

March 26, 2009 – OfficePOD, a company based out of the UK plans to change the way people work with their ultra modern stand-alone offices for your backyard. The garden based POD is of the highest quality design and provides a work environment that… Read More

Virtual world promotes sustainable living

March 2, 2009 – Climate Culture is a virtual world that combines guidance, community and games to help consumers reduce their energy consumption. By using their patent-pending carbon footprint calculator and reduction service, you can receive accurate and personalized advice on the amount of… Read More

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