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Loyalty Gets Pinched By Lack of Pennies

October 9, 2007 – The J. Crew catalog represents style, quality and, oh yeah, a chance to avoid spending upwards of $3 per gallon in gas to drive to the store. All of these factors helped the mail-order giant soar to No. 6 in… Read More

Shoppers’ Web Savvy Prompts Online Retailers To Improve

October 5, 2007 – With 53 percent of online shoppers early technology adopters, despite constituting just 36 percent of the North American population, retailers feel compelled to provide a consistently positive, sophisticated shopping experience, according to the 10th annual study conducted by Forrester… Read More

How Madison Avenue Is Wasting Millions On A Deserted Second Life

October 5, 2007 – For months, Michael Donnelly had been hearing all about the fantastic opportunities in Second Life. As worldwide head of interactive marketing at Coca-Cola, Donnelly was fascinated by its commercial potential, the way its users could wander through a computer-generated 3-D… Read More

NTT DoCoMo Aims To Make Phone Swiping Obsolete

October 3, 2007 – Using mobile phones to pay for goods electronically is common in Japan, the world’s biggest market of third-generation (3G) mobile users, where phones are swiped at ticket gates or vending machines to pay for train fares or drinks. DoComo’s prototype… Read More

Traditional Media Under Threat As Consumer Generated Media Reaches Mass Market

October 3, 2007 – Consumer generated media (CGM) has reached the mass market with between 46 and 83 per cent of internet users engaging with it at least once a month, depending on age group and geography, according to a recent survey by Gartner,… Read More

Top 10 Cross-Channel Retail Trends

October 3, 2007 – Retailers continue to aggressively integrate e-commerce into their cross-channel operations, as it represents a tremendous opportunity for growth. According to the recently released RIS News/AMR Research Cross-Channel Tech Trends Study (which will be mailed with the September 2007 issue of… Read More

When Retailers Get It Right

October 1, 2007 – “Caravan,” a now successful store (actually two stores with a third opening shortly), was founded in 2005. Without a farthing to her name, let alone a down payment for a NY City store rental, and simply no capitol to stock… Read More

New Measurement Standard Scrambles Rankings of Largest Portals

September 27, 2007 – Don’t expect the business of measuring web audiences to get more simple or straightforward any time soon, says Ad Age digital editor Abbey Klaassen in this program. She notes that Nielsen/NetRatings’ introduction of yet another web audience measurement metric —… Read More

New Data – Hispanic Consumers’ Shopping Behavior

September 27, 2007 – For National Hispanic Heritage Month, The Nielsen Company released data regarding the the shopping behavior of Hispanic consumers, whose collective buying power totals nearly US$ 1 trillion, it said (via MarketingCharts). As Hispanics become more acculturated (as measured by language… Read More

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