Making the Most of Twitter, from a Corporate Level

Big corporations have been quick to harness the power of Twitter in an effort to speak directly to their clients. Jesse Engle, founder & CEO of CoTweet, spoke to CNBC about the growing trend.


  1. Posted by Aemulholland February 8, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    It is definitely beneficial for a company to create a Twitter account. It’s free and easy and a great way to follow customers likes and dislikes. I’m in a retail management class (#mkt4760) with @dr4ward at WMU and we are learning all about Twitter and the retail world. I’ve just subscribed to this blog as part of my class.

  2. Twitter can only be put to good use once you have around 10,000 subscribers. Until then, it’s pointless marketing. That’s my opinion however. The corporations like it because it means millions of followers, but how about the average Bob or Joe?

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