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Why Isn’t Your Message Sticking With Buyers?

August 20, 2008 – In the Top Business book of 2007 “Made to Stick”, the Heath brothers are interested in the question of what makes some ideas effective and memorable and other ideas utterly forgettable? Some ideas stick and others fade away. Why? Link… Read More

Bebo Produces Online ‘Model’ Drama

August 20, 2008 – Bebo’s newest web series, Model.Live, follows three IMG models as they globetrot to fashion shows in search of fame and fortune. The show is 12 episodes long and begins in New York City with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Its intention, Bebo… Read More

Engage. Don’t sell

August 13, 2008 – Successful web campaigns are a lot like a good novel:  the website shows, instead of telling.  It guides and engages the mind instead of selling the customer on the concept.  Think of it this way; which would you rather read:… Read More

Olympics-Related Site Traffic Takes Off

August 13, 2008 – NBC’s and Yahoo’s Olympics sites lead the US internet-audience race among the top 10 most-visited Beijing Olympics-related content websites — and NBC’s online-video offering have also gained momentum, according to Nielsen Online, writes MarketingCharts. Link to this post!

Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

August 13, 2008 – A 2006 organizational survey by Northwestern University links internal performance strategies to market and financial outcomes. The study found a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and between customer satisfaction and improved financial performance. The key organizational characteristic… Read More

Sephora – Why This Cosmetic Brand is More Than Skin Deep

August 13, 2008 – When the biblically renowned Sephora hotfooted it with Moses on his exodus to the Red Sea, she probably could have used a pitstop at the beauty retail chain that today bears her name—after all, all that time in the arid… Read More

Olympics Marketing Battle Cry: Viral, Social, Digital

August 13, 2008 – For marketers, the Olympic Games used to be a fairly easy thing to figure out. All it required was a huge budget and a well-placed mass-media ad buy. Today, it’s all about online initiatives that hit the trend-setters where they… Read More

How-To: 15 Tips for Effective Web Design

August 13, 2008 – Developing a new website takes time and patience. Content should be presented in a readable, easily-accessible way, not just for the benefit of visitors but for search engines too. To this end, Host-Review compiled 15 tips to help your site… Read More

Converse Goes Back to School with Laughter and Style

August 6, 2008 – It all started with a spelling bee. The Converse Spelling Bee. (Make sure you’ve got your speakers turned up.) Then Chucks In Soda for a Week, Kissing with Ross and many, many more. I was laughing out loud. I can… Read More

When You Can’t Find the Right Words

August 6, 2008 – Displays2Go know how frustrating it can be to know a site has the product you are looking for, but you just might not know what it is called.  This is why they not only offer a regular word search, but… Read More

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