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Google Social Search Launches

October 29, 2009 – This just in from Google Labs as they launch their Social Search experiement; “Sign in to Google and do a search. If there’s relevant web content written by people in your social circle, it will automatically show up at the… Read More

Enabling the Mobile Wallet

October 29, 2009 – The mobile phone as a payment and promotional device is coming to retail. The questions are when, what processes and under whose governance? The RIS mobile survey published in May 2009 suggested an answer about when and processes. The survey… Read More

Social Media Made Simple

October 28, 2009 – Found a great little diagram for anyone looking for some basic steps for engaging customers in the social media world. Socialnomics has the full article about viewing the social media sector simply. Companies often enter the social media fray and… Read More

ShoeDazzle of the month club

October 27, 2009 – Remember the food of the month club? You pay a flat fee and they send you something fresh and tasty once a month. Well reality TV star Kim Kardashian just launched a new site that takes the food of the… Read More

Disney to Transform its Stores

October 21, 2009 – Disney is teaming up with Apple’s retail team to reinvent their retail outlets, turning them from just stores into “Imagination Parks”. Over the next 5 years, 340 Disney Stores will be turned into interactive retail experiences. “The world does not… Read More

What’s Up at 20th and 6th?

October 15, 2009 – The brainchild of fashion retailer Jack Menashe and award-winning designer James Mansour, the storied 163-year-old venue in Manhattan’s Flatiron district is being transformed into a three-story shopper’s paradise. Limelight Marketplace will house an exceptional scope of retailers where uptown merges… Read More

Electronic Book Readers Challenge Wii

October 14, 2009 – Will digital books catch fire this holiday? According to an online survey, 1 in 5 shoppers said they planned to buy an electronic book reader such as a Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle this year. When asked what they would… Read More

Consumers Turning to Debit Rather than Credit

October 14, 2009 – There may be a few positives to come out of the current recession. Consumers are now turning to their debit cards rather than charging purchases to their credit cards. Good for consumers, not such a rosy picture for retailers. How… Read More

Leveraging Social Networks to Drive Consumers to Your Site

October 9, 2009 – Despite this growth and the benefits social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter afford, online retailers should recognize these sites as a starting point for online interaction. Ultimately, retailers should actively leverage these networks to drive fans back to… Read More

Yorkdale – Redesign

October 9, 2009 – Yorkdale – Redesign Link to this post!

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