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Give A Gift on Facebook

June 25, 2009 – With the rise in adopting Facebook as a key social marketing tool, retail marketers have created a fan or brand page but are now asking how do I grow my fan base. Try creating a facebook application that involved giving… Read More

Twitter Debate

June 19, 2009 – Is Twitter a viable marketing tool? Personally, I think it works some times but it is very rare where it can really boost a marketing campaign. Over at BNET, the Guy Vs. Guy column had a great debate on this… Read More

General Growth Introduces Mobile Ad Network for Malls

June 18, 2009 – Working with mobile marketing firm Mobisix, the troubled mall giant has extended its email-based The Club program to include The Club Mobile, an alerts service that relies on SMS. General Growth’s marquee properties include Water Tower Place in Chicago, Fashion… Read More

Facebook Tops Social Marketing Sites

June 17, 2009 – In May 2009, Facebook became the most popular US social networking site. According to comScore, Facebook totaled 70,278,000 unique visitors. Here’s the question –  how can you retail shopping centre benefit from even connecting with 1% of Facebook visitors. Which… Read More

Online marketplace for help with errands

June 11, 2009 – Ever feel overwhelmed with all the errands on your to-do list? can solve your problems.  They call it  “service networking”, and it seems to be a combination of Craigslist and eBay, where people can post errands they need run… Read More

Centralize your social networking

June 11, 2009 – Connected to too many social networks? Well, I ran across a great article today that lists out quite a few ways to centralize your social networks. These will help you stay organized for the thousands of pieces of micro information social… Read More

Retailers – Why do consumers sign up for email?

June 11, 2009 – Retailers send more e-mail than almost any other industry, according to Forrester Research Inc., but to get the most out of marketing e-mail, they need to drill down into why different consumers subscribe, and craft campaigns accordingly. According to Forrester’s… Read More

Keeping Up With The………Kids!

June 11, 2009 – I attended a fantastic one day marketing brainstorming session hosted by retail marketers with a client yesterday.  The Dotfusion Online Marketing design and AE team were present to provide web marketing strategy and ideas. Thought provoking probing questions we asked… Read More

Fashion Retailers Embracing iPhone Apps

June 5, 2009 – Many fashion retailers are taking note that their consumer base is spending more time viewing small, portable screens like those on iPhone or Blackberry to view web content. This posting demonstrates how Oasis, a Fashion Retailer uses their iPhone app… Read More

How to Do Well to Hook in the Young Market

June 5, 2009 – According to eMarketer Magazine, they say one thing’s for sure that retail marketing professionals should note —teens and young adults love sending text messages. According to Deloitte, millennials were more likely to use SMS texting features than any other age… Read More

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