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Yankee Candle Turns Off Its Online Christmas Lights Early

December 21, 2007 – Yankee Candle announced December 3 on its web site that “due to the current volume of orders” it couldn’t guarantee orders for Christmas delivery. Unanticipated demand? Poor Planning? But to their credit, Yankee Candle makes it very clear on the… Read More

Holiday Ads Are Tops With Consumers

December 19, 2007 – Target, Wal-Mart and Macy’s have topped the list of consumers’ favorite retail holiday TV ads, a new study shows. And according to the survey conducted for the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association by BIGresearch, Worthington, Ohio, Best Buy, Sears, Kohl’s,… Read More

Your Very Own Virtual Garde Robe

December 19, 2007 – No Time to Pack? Let Garde Robe  do it for you. Each item you leave in Garde Robe’s care is professionally cleaned, and then stored in a climate-controlled, air-purified loft. Additionally, your items are photographed and catalogued on a Cyber… Read More

Belvedere Vodka

December 17, 2007 – Is the Belvedere online experience as smooth as its vodka? The US homepage is adorned with images of the stylish satin finished glass bottle (which depicts the Belvedere Palace—the official residence of the Polish president in Warsaw), and welcomes the… Read More

Why It’s Better To Brand Than Receive

December 17, 2007 – Philip Spencer, marketing director at World Vision UK, says that by applying “branding thinking” to humanitarian appeals and campaigns, charities and agencies can break through the “charity fatigue” that most people feel. “Branding is increasingly used to make humanitarian campaigns… Read More

Desktop Widgets: The Latest Online Marketing Strategy

December 14, 2007 – Desktop widgets allow you as the consumer to get updated information from a vendor or Web publisher, without launching a browser window. The widget is connected to the Web, and pulls in data and information from the Web to automatically… Read More

Overcoming Emotional Barriers To Customer Engagement

December 14, 2007 – Everyone else in the store seemed so engaged—I felt like an outsider who didn’t know how to get involved. That was Phil’s reaction to his first visit to an Apple store. He made the comment when I was touting the… Read More

What Teens Want For Christmas

December 13, 2007 – Best Buy has a new serious of very funny videos starring teen actor and recording artist Drake Bell, star of the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh. Drake has been hired to translate teenspeak for their parents. In this video he… Read More

Eight Predictions For ’08 – What’s Ahead For The Retail Industry

December 13, 2007 – If only predicting the future were as simple as consulting a Magic 8 Ball. Will mini-skirts make a comeback? Outlook not so good. Should I open 25 new stores this year? It is decidedly so. Will consumers buy beverages that… Read More

Best Buy Rewards Shoppers With Options

December 10, 2007 – Since “door-busting” deals and the accompanying points or “rewards” are de rigueur for holiday shopping, it’s nice to see retailers infusing some creativity and consumer control into their programs. Three of the holiday rewards involve getting more points or dollars… Read More

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