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Sears’ Wish Book Returns To Mailboxes And Sends Consumers Online

October 31, 2007 – While I’ve already deposited a few stacks of holiday catalogs in the recycling bin this season, there’s one still on its way that I bet will have some staying power. Sears’ Wish Book, an old favorite, is back. And not… Read More

Retailers Continue Shift To Online Ad Initiatives

October 31, 2007 – When Future Shop wanted to make a splash this summer, it launched an online forum on its website to make it a destination for customers who crave information about the electronics chain’s products and technology. To pitch the initiative, Future… Read More

Innovative Web Marketing – Hidden Image Technology System

October 29, 2007 – After experiencing success with the WebDecoder and NetDecoder, Global Commerce Group announced the newest arrival in exciting, interactive promotions, the Hidden Image Technology System (HITS.) Now companies will be able to create promotions that will cross all portable media device… Read More

Pentagon Robot Challenge Goes Corporate

October 29, 2007 – When the Pentagon’s research arm first called for innovators to design and race a self-driving car to make warfare safer, a ragtag bunch of garage tinkerers, computer geeks and even high school students answered. No one won the Defense Advanced… Read More

NBC, Fox To Launch Online Video Site

October 29, 2007 – LOS ANGELES — NBC and Fox are set to launch an advertising-supported online video site that hosts programming from varied entertainment companies in a bid to seize viewers from Google Inc.’s YouTube, the broadcasters said. A test version of the… Read More

Handvertising Comes To The Masses + 5 Forms of Bodyvertising

October 29, 2007 – Placing advertisements on the human body is nothing new, even Kanye did it. As well, on eBay, the human body has been listed with a “for sale” sign on it more than once. Now a company called Handvertising USA is… Read More

Look Out Facebook Here Comes The Next Ning

October 24, 2007 – Recently my colleagues have been all a buzz around creating their own social networking sites. Why? Because they want more flexibility and the ability to brand their very own network. Or so they tell me. An example that allows you… Read More

Flash Drive Music Bracelet – Matchbox 20 Album On USB

October 24, 2007 – Why buy “Exile on Mainstream”, the new album from Matchbox Twenty, on CD when you can buy it on USB bracelet? “Available exclusively at Best Buy, the $35 item includes all 17 songs from the album (released Oct. 2), music… Read More

$150 Home Theater Watch

October 22, 2007 – This new watch might be one of the slickest watch tvs yet… and it only costs $150. Having said that, this watch does not stream live tv. Rather it plays videos from 2GB of built in storage. Still, this is… Read More

POLO Makes Great Sport Of Interactive With

October 22, 2007 – When Ralph Lauren sets its mind on digital marketing it does so with the energy of a team that plays to win. A recent email from Polo introduced me to its new concept and web site, Wow. What a… Read More

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