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Have You Been To MySpace?

August 14, 2006 – Online social marketing has become a cutural phenomenon over the last year. is a social network that enables people to create profiles, share their thoughts and connect with others. It is estimated that marketers will spend over $280 million… Read More

Yorkdale Redesign with Motion

August 14, 2006 – Yorkdale Redesign [more] Link to this post!

Town Shoes Fall Winter 2007

August 14, 2006 – Town Shoes – Redesign [more] Link to this post!

Measure Results With Tracking Parameters

August 9, 2006 – helloRead More

Email Strategic Hub of Marketing Machine

August 9, 2006 – Email is often overlooked and it’s power underestimated by the next big buzz in digital marketing. Here’s five ideas to ensure better results from email campaigns and overall marketing efforts. Remember objectives drive strategies and strategies drive tactics. Don’t underestimate… Read More

High Net-Worth Prefers The Net

August 9, 2006 – Wealthy consumers prefer using the internet and email to research luxury brands for new products and services. The web and email are the best ways for luxury firms to reach out to the wealthy and present offers. Seventy-five percent of… Read More

Get Some “Word of Mouse” Marketing

August 9, 2006 – Blending email with new marketing trends of consumer generated content: blogs, social networks, video and related media offers a powerful combination. Emails are central for successful interactive marketing plans and are also intrinsic to online viral (word of mouth) or… Read More

ecco – Yorkdale Data Collection Contest

July 14, 2006 – Email List Growing [more] Link to this post!

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