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Is Old-Media Influence Really Declining?

November 29, 2006 – A recent survey by ICOM, an advertising agency network, found that marketers worldwide see newspapers waning in influence. Asked which media types were growing most quickly, respondents put blogs, Internet ads and search engine marketing all in the top 10.… Read More

A ring with bling

November 28, 2006 – Choosing a cell phone has nothing to do with ring tones, instant messages or megapixels. Fashion trend marketers are tapping into customers who want sleeker designs and accessories ranging from charms and stickers to crystals and tiny designer purses. [Full… Read More

What the Heck Is Web 2.0?

November 27, 2006 – In a poll of marketers conducted by Zoomerang, short of having a definition, 79% of them were not even familiar with the term “Web 2.0.” [Read more at] Link to this post!

Santa Monica revs up parking space website

November 23, 2006 – Introduced Tuesday just as the holiday shopping season begins, the novel real-time site,, will be updated every five seconds and display numbers of available parking spaces for public garages and surface beach lots. People thinking of venturing into Santa… Read More

Use It or Lose It: How to Convert PR Hits into Sales

November 21, 2006 – There’s no guarantee that getting great recognition from media hits will garner new business. But you can improve your chances by being proactive. Here are several ways you can leverage your investment in public and media relations to improve your… Read More

5 Easy Ways To Build Your Email List

November 17, 2006 – It’s time to get lots of revenue-generating email addresses (a.k.a.: prospects) back into your database so you can hit those lofty 2007 targets. The good news is that there are plenty of ways in which to do this. Even better… Read More

Free Fashion Delivery at

November 16, 2006 – Can’t find your size, your colour? your style? If EXPRESS can locate it, they’ll ship it to you for FREE. Don’t forget to check out they’re  interactive change room where you can create your own custom look, email your favourite… Read More

Good conversation is better than advertising

November 15, 2006 – Marketers have to figure out a way to get into the conversation by interacting with real people, whether it’s through an online community or a blog, or creating promotions that are designed to be shared. [Full story at marketing] … Read More

Seven Retail Brand and Marketing Trends for 2007

November 14, 2006 – Loyalty metrics company, Brand Keys, measures the direction and velocity of consumer values 12-18 months in advance and can identify with uncanny accuracy, trends that will determine the difference between success and failure for brands and marketers for 2007. [Full… Read More

Will It Blend Has Net All Shook Up

November 13, 2006 – With internet videos, the company is reaching an international market on a budget any advertising executive would envy. For close to $50 — the cost of a rake, a Big Mac meal, Coke and some marbles — the company has… Read More

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